Courageous Conversation is a consulting firm that specializes in Collaborative Negotiation and Conflict Management.  It assists professionals at all levels of business in achieving greater productivity and profitability by empowering them to build and manage long-term strategic partnerships. Courageous Conversation serves its clients through training, coaching, and consulting engagements.

Technology changes the form and structure of today's workplace at warp speed. As a result, communication and negotiation strategies among individuals and teams must constantly evolve as well. Courageous Conversation has developed an innovative Collaborative Communication and Conflict Management model that combines the needs of our fast-paced work culture with a unique communication paradigm rooted in Mediation and Collaborative Negotiation techniques.

Courageous Conversation's founder and principal, Elaine Rosenblum, Esq., developed this communication model by combining her significant management experience as a Fortune 500 corporate business veteran with her expertise as an attorney specializing in Mediation, Conflict Management, Collaborative Negotiation, and Employment Law.

I truly believe that the art and science of communication and conflict resolution, both written and verbal, will become even more of a challenge to each of us in this generation of Internet, text and voicemail. Our ability to succeed will depend upon our ability to effectively communicate. Your message will help keep us on the right path.
— Vice President, Medical University of South Carolina